Wendy Owens, CPM
Jonesborough, Tennessee
10 years of experience
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About me

Wendy is a Certified Professional Midwife serving Northeast TN. She trained directly under midwives as an apprentice and graduated from a MEAC accredited midwifery college. Wendy had two unmedicated deliveries of her own and raises them alongside her husband of over 22 years.


Associates of Science in Midwifery (2020)

Bachelor of Business Administration (1998)

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (2022)

Certification and training

CPM North American Registry of Midwives (2020)

Memberships and affiliations

Tennessee Midwives Association

Virginia Midwives Alliance

International Registry of Midwives

Home Birth Water birth Birth Assistant Birth Doula Labor Doula Breastfeeding Support Labor Monitrice Midwife Support Natural Birth Natural Childbirth Postpartum Care Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)


Service introduction

Complete midwifery care through prenatal, birth and postpartum. Care includes lab work, outsourcing for ultrasound, birth in your home, 6 weeks postpartum care, newborn care and screening. See tchomebirth.com for details. Doula services provided for donation. This service was offered during the years of training as a means for funding midwifery education and missions. This service is continued for women in the belief no matter what type of birth you choose, all women deserve a doula! Find on Facebook at facebook.com/doulabydonations

Midwifery Care
Full prenatal, birth and postpartum care.
USD Flat rate
Doula Support
Childbirth education, prenatal visit, support through birth and first hour postpartum, one postpartum home visit. All of this service is by DONATION.
USD Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

Wendy is an amazing midwife. I had 5 babies in a hospital, with the two last ones in a hospital with a midwife. Wendy delivered my 6th baby which was my first home birth. My husband and I are more natural than most people so we opted out on a lot of things that other wouldn't. Wendy never judged us or criticized us for it. She did explain the risks but supported our decision. She made the whole experience from start to finish pleasant and enjoyable. The birth of the baby went great but then after I started hemorrhaging. Wendy and her assistant Donna were amazing through the whole process. I lost a lot of blood and ambulance was called. Wendy and Donna never gave up and Wendy was able to get the bleeding to stop prior to ambulance arrival. Wendy and Donna both took very good care of me after even though I woke them up about 1:30 am, they both stayed with me for hours after the bleeding stopped to make sure me and the baby were okay. I am so glad God blessed our family and put Wendy in our life. I don't plan on having more but if we do, we will always use Wendy and her team.

- Randi V.