Top 3 Birth & Postpartum Doulas in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

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According to Bornbir’s Doula database in January 2024, our doctoral team identified 3 top-rated birth & postpartum doulas serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Our assessment of the quality of a doula takes into account a range of crucial factors, including their profile views, training, availability, references, and fees.

I feel like I am always growing and learning from each family that I work with. Every family has different needs and I will customize a plan of care that works best for you and your family. My nurturing personality is a perfect fit for my doula work because I like to pamper the families I work with by offering healthy snacks and caring for you while you recover from your birth.

Stephanie Silva, Doula

Sloan Thompson;
“Sloan is a full spectrum doula from East Oakland who comes from African American ancestry and weaves the folk healing of their ancestors into the care they provide to their clients. Sloan has made it their mission to provide gender-affirming and trauma-informed care. it’s important for Sloan they they are able to empower clients and hold them through their individual journeys.