Justine Arbaugh
Sacramento, California
5 years of experience
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About me

I am a Jesus loving, crunchy, hippie, barefoot, minimalist, home birthing, bread making, nature lovin, wife and mama of 6!! I am passionate about encouraging and helping women to birth they way their were designed to, undisturbed and powerful. I love to share birth art to show others that birth is beautiful and not something to be afraid of!!

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Service introduction

As a mama of 6 I know what moments you will likely treasure the most and as a birth activist I also capture the moments that show you just how powerful and strong you are. The moments that when you look back on you will think, if I could do that then I can get through anything! Birth is not something to be feared and my passion is to show that to the world, to empower more woman to give birth in confidence with excitement. And with that in mind, it is so important to me that I am part of your birth team, part of your support; not just a stranger in the room there to document. It is my desire that you are comfortable with me at your birth and that you feel loved and supported by having me there. You are trusting me in your most beautiful and vulnerable moments to preserve those memories without disturbing the intimacy of the experience. And that is such an honor I do not take lightly!

Birth Photography
Birth Photography captured in active labor to 2 hrs after birth, on call coverage, digital photos. Packages start at $1300
USD Flat rate
Birth Photos and Film
Birth Photography and Birth Film On call coverage beginning 37/38 weeks, active labor to 2 hours after birth. Digital Photos and a Custom Film with licensed music. Packages start at $2350
USD Flat rate
Birth Tub Rentals
Rental of a Professional Birth Pool 4 weeks rental Packages start at $200
USD Flat rate
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