Top 5 Birth Doulas in New York City, NY (September 2023)

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Bornbir's latest U.S. survey in September 2023 found that there are over 3,500 active doulas serving the state of New York, with more than 900 of them available to assist in the five boroughs of New York City (NYC). With such a large pool of professionals, you may be wondering how to identify the best among them and how to establish direct connections with birth doulas.

Based on's extensive network of perinatal providers across the United States, we identified 5 birth doulas serving the New York City (NYC) area. Our evaluation of the quality of a birth doula takes into consideration essential factors such as profile views, training, availability, references, and fees. These criteria will help you connect with the most qualified doulas for your unique needs.

Julia Knight;

Julia Knight is a Birth & Postpartum Doula from Manhattan, New York City

“My best friend asked me to be "her doula" 17 years ago. I flew to LA and planned to be there for 10 days in hopes the baby would come in that window of time. I sang and whispered into her belly and Introduced myself to her baby. We had quite a time during the labor as her midwives guided her through the experience. She was incredible! She chose a home birth which ended at the hospital. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Witnessing the birth was transcendent and inspiring! When I flew back to NYC, I vowed that when our youngest daughter was in college, I would become a Doula.

Michelle tirelessly works in the birth industry since 2005; helping over 400 families navigate their birthing spaces, offering training for birth professionals while ensuring birth justice through state and national initiatives, serving on non-profit boards and panels, enhancing the platform through blogs and podcasts."

Geeta Asamoah-Kyei;