How to use Bornbir Premium for FREE: A Guide for Doulas and Lactation Consultants

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care for Everyone

On Bornbir, Doulas and Lactation Consultants typically receive an average of 3–4 leads per month. We simply request providers to invest just $5.99 per month to access these valuable leads, which is equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee. Unlike other platforms, we prioritize flexibility. For instance, DoulaMatch charges an annual premium ranging from $25 to $50, regardless of whether you receive leads or not.

Meanwhile, Get Boober outlines their pricing as follows: ‘There is no fee to join, but Boober does charge a platform fee, which is a percentage of any paid booking. The percentage is based on your service type and will be discussed during the interview process. However, it’s important to note that you are responsible for your own marketing efforts.’

We don’t believe in charging you an upfront fee or taking a commission. We understand that many of you have limited funding to kickstart your business.

Spending $400 to $500 per month on Google Ads or Instagram-sponsored posts can be financially daunting. In this digital age, establishing connections with parents can be challenging in the beginning. We’ve moved far beyond the days of holding signs at busy intersections to grab attention or spending entire days at parents’ gatherings, hoping to find potential clients who will remember to reach out when they require a birth doula before labor or a lactation consultant for breastfeeding support.

This is exactly why we’ve introduced a free plan, allowing you to experience the premium features of Bornbir for up to 30 days. Our objective is to empower you to bootstrap your business, with the parents you successfully convert into clients supporting you in funding essential aspects like insurance, continuing education, and more.

[ Here is how it works. It’s very simple. ]

1. Add your Bornbir profile to your website and social media (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn).
2. Create an Instagram/Facebook shoutout following the example below and tag @Bornbir in your profile.
2. Send both your own website URLs and social media links to our team at We will then apply a coupon in the backend to help you have the premium plan.

Don’t have a Doula or Lactation Consultant profile on Bornbir yet? You can create and publish your free profile using this link:

Below are some examples: