Alex Shelley

Fort Worth, Texas
18 years of experience
About me

Birth & Life Photography offers the only All-Inclusive Birth Story designed to help new moms rest. I’m Alex, a PR/Journalism Pro turned story-focused photographer. After 15+ years of photography and newspaper storytelling experience, birth and family photojournalism just fit like a good pair of pregnancy pants on Thanksgiving. As a busy workin’ mom who saw it fly by too fast, I've been in your shoes. It’s my mission to help busy parents like you document the best moments – the real ones you love most - in a way that helps you breath just a bit easier and stress less. Doesn’t that sound great?


Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations (2009)

Memberships and affiliations

Internations Association of Professional Birth Photographers, Professional Photographers of America

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Service introduction

Spend your parental leave doing what you really want – snuggling your baby. BECAUSE YOU’RE ALREADY DOING ALL THE THINGS You deserve to rest! While other parents are wasting their free time overwhelmed by all those digital files, you'll be rocking this new super-parent gig (and your baby) with a done-for-you birth story that puts finished products in your hands. So you can do something better with your time – like showering… or taking a nap. Go with the nap!

All-Inclusive Birth Story Package
The All-Inclusive Birth Photography package includes: A two-week reservation so your birth is the only one on the calendar to better serve you without risk of overlapping due dates and missing your birth. A handmade leather album keeps your favorite birth photographs where they are safest – in your hands, close to your heart. A framed print of your favorite that is professionally hung for you so you can show off your new little love like the proud mom you are! Two Matted Prints to send to send to the family that adores your baby so (or keep for yourself – I won’t tell!). Slide show video to watch the beauty of your story unfold (no epidural needed this time). Plus modesty edit of the slide show, so you can feel comfortable sharing with family (without the personal bits showing). All the digital files from your gallery so you can share and reprint as you like. and an Extra Bonus just because. For no additional charge, I come back to capture those first moments when your older babies get to meet their newest sibling. We’ll also get a few great first family photos with your newest addition. BECAUSE THAT IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE STORY. And Family is what Birth & Life Photography is all about.
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